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February 7, 2017


Great News!  Plans are underway to organize a FOURQUET family reunion in Puerto Rico!  To keep updated, visit this site, or "friend" me in Facebook   

Working on translations for the Spanish versions of this site.  If you would like to help out, and are fluent in Spanish, just Email me. 



November 3, 2014

Even as a child growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I often wondered how  "Fourquet", a surname of french origins, ended up in Puerto Rico, a tiny island in the carribean.  

For over twenty-three years, I have been on this path to uncover our origins, and our connection, to the country of our surname's birth.  As a genealogist, I have made many findings but none are as rewarding as discovering realtives  all over the world.

I've recreated the family website, making  some changes, securing some sections and adding some fun features I'm developing.  Only "old" information will be visible.  The privacy of my family's information is very important to me so I have removed the publication of the family tree from the public area, and placed it in a secured area only available to family members..  If you would like to view the family tree, contact me by Email or via Facebook and I will provide the password ONLY to confirmed family members.  Please be prepared to tell me who your FOURQUET grandparents are.   If you are interested in the Fourquet family trees in Argentina, Spain, Brazil and France, please let me know, and I'll send you information as well. 

I will update this website every month.  Adding and changing its content as our lives change. Each month I will add new Fourquet facts uncovered in my genealogical research.  There will be copies of census documents, baptism records, church marriage entries, along with more recent findings and a section for births and marriages announcements and articles about those family members who have left us.

Please help me to continue this research by keeping us informed about your lives....


                                                                          Charlie Fourquet Batiz