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Growing up, I had always been very proud of having a uniquely different surname.  Unfortunately, unique also meant rarely, if ever, seeing it written anywhere.  Today, I find it absolutely fascinating to find "Fourquet" used in titles for so many institutions, magazines and even on street signs, etc.  I thought it would be fun to find places and things that use the "Fourquet" name.   Enjoy "Everything Fourquet!" page our family website....- CF

Fourquet Fourchette Restaurant


Fourquet Fourchette is a theme restaurant in Montreal.  The name comes from the mixing of a "fourquet" (utensil to make beer) and a fourchette (fork). 

The two together symbolize a marriage between fine dining and the love for beer.

Le Fourquet

"Le Fourquet" is a French Cultural Center offering interesting

workshops and galleries in France. 


La Borie du Fourquet, in Gourdon France is a cottage house where English owners rent out rooms out to tourists

The latest issue of Le Fourquet magazine, Mexico's premiere luxury lifestyle magazine, profiled Office's work for 826 Valencia's Pirate Supply Store. The line of nearly 50 pirate products and posters have helped raise thousands of dollars to help fund the nonprofit organization's writing programs for kids.



Chateau Fourquet Cotes de Castellon wine, from Bordeaux, France. 

From the website: "This unoaked merlot offers ripe red fruits on the nose and a fine long finish on the palate. An exceptionally priced quality wine from region of Cote de Castillon".

Le Fouquet's

Famous Parisian restaurant I've seen several times in movies with scenes in Paris, France.  Also boasts famous clientel, including many French celebrities, including the president.

Dating back to 1899, the restaurant is classified as a historical national monument on the famous Champs Elysées Avenue.

Check out their menu!


Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière, in Paris, France, is a luxury hotel.  Too glitsy for me but seems like a beautiful place to stay if you're in the neighborhood, and you have the $$.   

The last day being occupied by the "Beer Market", a big day where more than 40 artisanal breweries present their beers. Visitors can enjoy many artisanal beers and leave with their favorite sesames. The meeting with the brewers is all the more appreciable in order to know all the hidden stories behind these pretty bottles of beer.

This weekend in Saint Nicolas-de-Port was also the occasion to reward the best beers of France, professional and amateur. A reputable contest, the biggest brewery competition in France. This year, I was able to participate from the inside by evaluating the category "amber beers of amateur brewers". It is a beautiful organization awarding beautiful medals.

Let's discover together the best French beers of the year 2014.