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   "Los Fourquet Somos Una Sola Familia" - Carlos M. Fourquet Nuñez
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My Passion for Genealogy

I began to research my family history over 23 years ago.  My fascination with our surname actually started, for me, as a child.  My family came from Puerto Rico, and I was raised in a Hispanic neighborhood, so I always  wondered how i came to having a French last name.  

Thinking back I remember being inspired and determined to find out about my family's history.  There were fascinating stories i heard growing up in Brooklyn.  Sories about great ships crossing the Atlantic, with a Fourquet at the helm. The story about two brothers that turned out to be not just a story. Or attending a family gathering where someone different would always say, "los Fourquet somos una familia.....". Or maybe the way the French sound of my name always seemed to draw curious stares from teachers, co-workers and new acquaintances.

Researching our family history and charting our lineage has been quite an adventure. It has taken me back to the island of my parents birth, to foreign countries and deep into a past I never knew existed. There's something special about tracing ones' roots. First, it has provided me with a sense of belonging. Each of us, although unique in many ways, are bonded in certain family traits, characteristics and traditions. There are common threads that connect us to other people that we don't know about. We all have blood lines linking us to some that we've known about and others we will not meet for many years... if ever! This endeavor has provided me with answers to many questions, not only about my lineage, but about myself. Resourceful, secure, and great pride are common traits I have found to share with our ancestors and many family members I have just recently gotten to know.

Beginning with my own parents, I embarked on a journey of discovery. As I traveled back on family history I experienced the pleasure and excitement of finding some warm and fascinating people whose blood flows through my veins. Equally as exhilarating was finding family members around the world (and some who lived next door!) who were happy to share information and guide me through this maze of names and dates. You are all the authors of this website.

This quest to search for our ancestry has been a rewarding experience for me. I hope that you will enjoy this piece of personal history as much as I have in putting it together. This is my contribution to preserving our past and documenting our future. Parts of you are in these pages. This will be a collection of family lineage's, charts, biographies, news, references, anecdotes and other tidbits. You now possess the legacy that we will pass on to our children... and their children. A unique portion of history that belongs to our family and our family alone.

I will publish this online newsletter four times a year, starting next year. Each issue, filled with facts I have uncovered in my research. I will include copies of census documents, baptism records, church marriage entries, along with more recent findings and a section for births and marriages announcements and articles about those family members who have left us.

Please help me to continue this research by keeping us informed about your lives.....


Charlie Fourquet Batiz